Studio Membership

Studio membership includes

  • An assigned weekly time slot when the school is open

  • Access to our availability calendar to reschedule lessons when needed

  • Performances: formal recitals, informal recital parties 

  • Access to our lending library & studio subscriptions 

  • Small resources like printed music/worksheets.

Studio Membership is year-round, including July and August. The membership fee remains the same every month,

year round, even if there are short months, long months or closures due to holiday breaks. 

The first two months are a part of trial period. 

During this trial period, prorated membership fees can be refunded should you decide that lessons aren't right for you. 

After the trial period, Membership fees are good for the month through the end of each month.   

There are no contracts to get out of or any minimum membership requirement. 

Once you sign up, you can stop at the end of any month.

Membership: Pitman Location

$130 a month provides for a 30-minute time slot

$185 a month provides for a 45-minute time slot

$260 a month provides for 60-minute time slot

Membership:  Woodbury Location

$110 a month provides for a 30-minute time slot

$165 a month provides for a 45-minute time slot

$220 a month provides for 60-minute time slot

Homeschooler Membership at Pitman location

$110 a month, provides for a 30-minute time slot for lessons scheduled before 3:00pm.


All lessons with Lauren Canna

$120 for 30-minute lessons, 3 lessons a month

$160 for 45-minute lessons, 3 lessons a month

$200 for 60-min lessons, 3 lessons a month

Studio Membership Payments


First Monthly Membership payment must take place by 3 days before the first lesson.  This payment can be made via PayPal using @afterschoolmusic, by Venmo using @Lauren-Canna, or by paying by credit/debit card via our invoice.  We email the invoice to you at the time of registration.  The first lesson is not scheduled with our teachers until the first membership payment is paid.   


Subsequent Monthly Membership payments are paid via our “My Music Staff” system - which uses PayPal/Stripe and is very safe.

Use the login we send at the time of registration to login to’s Current Client Portal.  Enter the card you wish to use for payment (our staff never has access to your card information - the information is encrypted and can only be accessed by you).  You can change this card at any time by logging in.  Set a date on which you prefer your fee to be paid by emailing us your preferences. (due before the first of the month).


We regretfully can no longer accept checks or cash.  Teachers cannot accept payments at any time. 

If you have previously submitted checks for the year, they will be used through the last check submitted.  After that, we ask all families to switch over to using our billing system.  


Members reserve a time slot on our schedule that is exclusive to them. When a member cancels, they lose the benefit of that time slot.  That time slot also opens up for another member to use.  If you know ahead of time that you will be missing a lesson, we will offer you every open lesson time available.  We do not guarantee that an open time slot will be available.   

Weekday students = Weekend students

The teaching calendar is arranged so that students get the same number of yearly lessons regardless of the day they take lessons. Mid-week students will have some days where there are no lessons scheduled. This allows our mid-week and weekend students to all have the same number of lessons per year. It is important that our Saturday and Monday students receive the same amount of instruction time as our Tuesday, Wednesday, and Thursday students. We ask parents and students to be aware that there is no charge for lessons on days when we are closed mid-week.  Everyone gets the same number of lessons and membership means you aren't charged for weeks you don't have a lesson.

If a student ends their membership before the month has ended, refunds are not extended on membership fees.

Please remember that one-on-one instruction with an adult who is fully invested in your child's development is something rare in a young person's life. Please take the steps necessary to ensure that team sports and other event schedules work around your one-on-one lesson time. If your schedule changes, talk with us and we will do what we can to accommodate the sudden change in your schedule.

Teacher Absence, Snow Days, School Closings

There are some days when we will need to close due to weather. If we can reschedule the entire missed day, we will.  For example, if we close for snow on a Thursday in January, we might reschedule that day for a Thursday during our Spring Break. When Pitman schools close for weather, we close as well. Our calendar is available on our website, please be aware of the days our school is closed. When we know ahead of time that a teacher will be out, we will try to reschedule or find an excellent substitute (often one of our other staff teachers will substitute). If we cannot find a substitute, we will contact you via text, email or both and issue a refund. When lessons are cancelled by us, a refund will show on your next invoice. For those who pay by check, we will issue a refund by check. If you are comfortable doing so, setting up a PayPal account will allow us to refund your account the same day.

Rescheduling a lesson - short term

If you need to shift your lesson for a week or two, email us and we will let you know the times that are available. We will hold your original spot for up to two weeks. All verbal arrangements must be verified by email. Please do not ask your teacher to rearrange their schedule, please allow the office to make those adjustments.

Changing lesson time - long term

If you need to shift your lesson for three weeks or more, email us and we will let you know the times that are available. Your original spot may be filled, however, so please let us know if and when you would wish to switch back, we may be able to make it work.


Recitals offer students an opportunity to perform for their families and peers. Recitals are short - about an hour - and very friendly. We know how challenging it is to schedule recitals so we offer several recital times to choose from.