What age do you start piano lessons?

Children can start piano lessons at a very young age - as young as 4 in some cases.  Here is what your child must be able to do before they are ready for piano lessons:

  • Say the alphabet

  • Say "GFEDCBA" and understand that it is the alphabet backwards.

  • Count up to 10.

  • Count backwards from 10 down to 1.

  • Be able to differentiate their fingers using words like "thumb, pointer, middle, ring, and pinky".

  • Know their left from their right almost every time they are asked.

  • Be able to stay on an activity like coloring or a craft for 15 minutes without losing interest or needing to get up and run around.  


Use these as your barometer and we'll get them started when they’re ready!.

Do we need a piano?

Not at all, in fact, we recommend that young children begin on a 52- or 88-key keyboard for 3 reasons:  Their fingers are often not strong enough to play a piano without getting tired.  Keyboards often have a headphone jack - allowing them to practice soundlessly in view of parents and siblings, which is key to maintaining valuable family time and allows the child to ask a parent for help if needed.  Pianos are adult-sized.  Children can set a keyboard at a desk or table where they can sit comfortably.  Once a student has shown commitment to piano, you may consider getting a piano or digital piano with a pedal after the third year of lessons.


How often do we need to tune our piano?

If you have obtained a new-to-you but used piano that is out of tune, it is best to plan for two tunings - one right away and one 2 months later (the first tuning will likely not ‘hold’).  After that, every 6 months to a year should be fine, depending on the instrument.  Try to place the piano facing an interior wall and in a room that doesn’t see too many swings in temperature, if possible.  We offer piano tuning and can also refer you to a piano tuner if you prefer.   


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